Netflix's ONE PIECE – First Trailer | Live Action Series (2023)

Published on 27 May 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Take look at our 'First Trailer' concept for Netflix's ONE PIECE (2023) (More info about this video down below!)

Special VFX scenes by Wai Kin
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Inspiration behind this video:

Despite the recent promotional images promising that Netflix’s One Piece would set sail in 2023, Oda released an update in early May 2023 that provided a more nuanced perspective on the series’ progress. In his letter, posted on Instagram, Oda discussed some hurdles of adapting an anime for Western audiences and with a Western production company, stating that it could be frustrating on both sides. But ultimately, he ended his statement on a positive note and expressed his confidence that everyone involved in the project was working towards the same goal of wanting only the best for One Piece and still promised that the Straw Hat Pirates would be setting sail very soon.

Of course, with this being said, it seems more likely than ever that Netflix will need more time to properly develop One Piece so that it reaches its full potential on its release day. After all, in his statement, Oda promised that the series would not come out until he was satisfied with it. Even more so, Oda does not commit to Netflix’s claimed release date of 2023, suggesting that not only is a delay possible but likely, to reach the standards that both Oda and One Piece’s audience deserve.

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