ONE PIECE – Final Trailer (2023) Netflix

Published on 09 Aug 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Take look at our 'Final Trailer' concept for Netflix's ONE PIECE (2023) (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

Of all the questions surrounding the live-action One Piece, some of the biggest ones revolve around which story arcs from the manga the show will utilize. Having begun in 1997, the manga spans over 1,000 chapters, meaning it's likely Netflix will need to do some condensing. The first season is slated to have eight episodes and will cover the first part of the manga, which is the East Blue Saga, though One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has warned that not all of the saga's characters and stories will appear.

Based on Rudd's statement, the emotional story arc she is referring to might be the Arlong Park Arc, which is the fifth arc of the East Blue Saga. This is the story arc that delves further into Nami than her initial introduction, in which she actually steals Luffy's ship, Going Merry, as well as the crew's treasure, and returns to her hometown. There, she is seemingly working for the pirate Arlong, who proves to be one of the first very memorable and formidable foes in One Piece, though, it quickly becomes clear there's more to the story than an unexpected betrayal.

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