DUNE: PART TWO – Final Trailer (2023) Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya Movie | Warner Bros

Published on 19 Aug 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Take a look at 'Final Trailer' concept for 'DUNE: PART TWO' produced by Warner Brothers Pictures, Legendary Pictures & Villeneuve Films (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

With the Dune: Part Two cast featuring big stars like Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, Josh Brolin, and Rebecca Ferguson, Warner Bros. is counting on these stars to participate in marketing to encourage audiences to check out the film. Younger actors like Chalamet, Zendaya, Pugh, and Butler, in particular, are bigger draws for the Gen Z crowd, and getting younger viewers to theaters can be crucial to the success of a film.

Despite the value of these stars bring to marketing, however, Gelfond's comment suggests that delaying Dune: Part Two would likely do more harm than good. In addition to the money that has already been invested into marketing, a long IMAX window combined with little competition theatrically means the sequel still has a strong chance for success. Warner Bros. has yet to officially address the Dune: Part Two release date uncertainty, but Gelfond's latest comment suggests that audiences may indeed be able to check out the film this fall.

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