Netflix's JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 – Teaser Trailer | Snyderverse Restored | Zack Snyder & Darkseid Returns

Published on 17 Apr 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Here's our 'Teaser Trailer' concept for Netflix's Justice League 2 directed by Zack Snyder! (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

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The inspiration behind this video:

Even if the Snyderverse were sold to Netflix, the director likely wouldn't be able to start working on any sequels until his ongoing projects were done. But more importantly, it wouldn't be in Warner Bros. Discovery's best interest to license off a whole DC franchise to Netflix when they are getting ready to properly launch the DCU. Not to mention, it's unlikely Warner Bros. Discovery would be willing to give up enough creative control over their DC characters for it to be in Netflix's interest either.

While the Snydeverse may be dead as of right now, that doesn't mean Gunn couldn't continue it as an Elseworlds movie franchise. If it ever does happen, it wouldn't be for many years since the DCU won't properly launch until 2025. Then, it remains to be seen where DC Studios and Snyder are at that point and whether either party will want to resurrect the Snyderverse. For now, Zack Snyder's Justice League universe can be relived through home release and streaming.

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