Marvel Studios' THUNDERBOLTS – THE TRAILER (2024)

Published on 12 Sep 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Here's our 'Teaser Trailer' concept for Marvel Studios' THUNDERBOLTS (2024) (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

Music: John Wick Trailer Music by The Techniverse
Link to Video:

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The inspiration behind this video:

There's a good reason why Bucky can be the leader of the Thunderbolts, but couldn't be the new Captain America. Like Steve Rogers, Bucky is also a man out of time, having been born in the early 20th century. After his presumed death in the 1940s, he re-emerged in the modern time with the revelation that HYDRA brainwashed him to be the organization's operative known as the Winter Soldier. Since being saved from the organization, Bucky has been focused on his healing journey, which includes making amends for his past crimes.

As Steve's closest friend, Bucky's personal arc has been intricately tied to the Avenger's. With the original Captain America now gone after Avengers: Endgame, however, Bucky now exists on his own, with Marvel Studios having the opportunity to further delve into his character. Bucky is in a unique position in the Multiverse Saga, considering his rich history and connection to the past. As he continues his arc in the MCU, Bucky's next endeavor is to lead the Thunderbolts — a new team composed of Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, US Agent, Ghost, and Taskmaster, all led by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

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