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Published on 25 Feb 2023 / In Electronics & Communication TV Commercials

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Did Russia and China access your private Facebook data with Meta’s consent? Two US senators suggest thousands of developers from countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea had access to your messages, photos, and contact details. The documents allegedly seen by the senators are likely related to the Cambridge Analytica litigation regarding users’ private data.

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Has Facebook done it again? US senators suspect that Meta, formerly Facebook, has breached user privacy again. House representatives Mark Warner and Marco Rubio suggest that Facebook allowed thousands of developers from countries like Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia access sensitive user data.

In an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, senators claim to have seen leaked documents supporting their claims.The letter specifies user IDs, photos, contact details, and private messages as the data exposed.

The documents seen by the senators are part of litigation related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Back in December, 2022, Meta agreed to pay $725 million to settle the class-action lawsuit in that case.

A spokesperson for Meta responded in a statement, saying that the locations and developers referred to in the documents the senators saw are from before 2014.
“Many years ago, we made substantive changes to our platform, shutting down developers’ access to key types of data on Facebook while reviewing and approving all apps that request access to sensitive information,” the statement reads.

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