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Published on 29 Apr 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Take a look at our 'Full Trailer' concept for Harry Potter Max Series (More Info About The Video Down Below!)

Featured Cast:

Julian Hilliard as Harry Potter
Alisha Weir as Hermione Granger
Matthew Illesley as Ron Weasley
Michael Caine as Professor Dumbledore
Adam Driver as Professor Severus Snape

Song: DASAINTZ - Apotheosis Of War
Music provided by Tunetank

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Inspiration behind this video:

It has not been announced how many seasons HBO Max’s Harry Potter remake will be, but a good guess is that each season will depict one book. This would make the most sense, given each book depicts one year of Harry’s life. The movies split up the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into two parts, but that may prove unnecessary, and HBO Max could extend the seventh season if they need more time.

HBO Max has shown itself to be diligent in respectfully adapting source material so the story from the Harry Potter books should remain the same. Harry’s journey from a lonely orphan into the hero who saves the world from Voldemort will be the core of the show, but it’s the small moments of magic and wonder that make the Harry Potter series so special. Those moments of Harry and his friends discovering something truly amazing and giving the audience a unique experience is what HBO Max show will be able to put on screen better than anyone has before.

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