IRONMAN 4 - FULL TRAILER (New) Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Tony Stark! | Marvel Studios

Published on 06 Jun 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Watch the 'Full Trailer' concept For Marvel Studios' IRONMAN 4, Starring Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford & More! (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

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More Information About This Video:

Thus far, there haven't been any concrete signs pointing towards Downey Jr. reprising the role of Iron Man. However, in true Marvel Studios fashion, never say never, as they could easily have plans in the works. Kevin Feige and his team are famous for being able to keep massive surprises under wraps. But the bigger question is how Downey Jr. would return to the MCU. The version of Downey Jr's character most would likely want to see is his original Tony Stark. However, it would be a big disservice to bring back Tony from the dead, and it would hurt his epic exit in Phase 3. The best thing for Iron Man's MCU return is having Downey Jr. come back as a variant. It would also be more intriguing to see the actor get to play a new take on Tony Stark and/or Iron Man.

That is the best way to lean into the Multiverse Saga while also getting to bring back a fan-favorite actor. At this point, the MCU has done everything it could with the Earth-616 version of Tony Stark. Rather than bring him back for the sake of it, it's better to do something new with Downey Jr. Even if it doesn't lead to Iron Man 4, the MCU will hopefully see Downey Jr. again in some capacity.

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