Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 – The Trailer (2024) Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Wolverine Movie (HD)

Published on 13 May 2023 / In Life & Entertainment TV Commercials

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Here's our 'Teaser Trailer' concept for Marvel Studios' upcoming R-Rated movie DEADPOOL 3 (2024) (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

Music: Viking Dreams by Soundridemusic
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The inspiration behind this video:

Ryan Reynolds initially played a version of Deadpool in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but the role was reworked to be more comic accurate for 2016's Deadpool. Despite being set within Fox's X-Men franchise, the Deadpool films only had very loose ties to the other projects in the shared universe, though this didn't stop Wade Wilson's relentless jokes about the strange absence of the X-Men. A brief but humorous cameo from the younger mutant cast that debuted during X-Men: First Class in Deadpool 2 later confirmed Deadpool's connection to the superhero team.

Deadpool's connection to Fox's X-Men means that several other Fox characters could show up during Deadpool 3, especially since Wolverine has been featured as a central member of the team since X-Men. It's also possible that Deadpool-adjacent characters including Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Domino, Cable, and Yukio could make appearances during the MCU's Phase 6 film, as they seemed to form a functioning team at the end of Deadpool 2. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have also expressed interest in reprising their roles of Professor X and Magneto, so Deadpool 3 could be gearing up to be the MCU's first X-Men story.

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