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Published on 10 Jul 2023 / In Home & Real Estate TV Commercials

The key to any coffee enthusiast's perfect home latte is in the milk.

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Enjoy the coffee shop experience at home with the Auto MilQ™ hands-free milk texturing. Perfectly textured at a touch, whatever your choice of milk from Dairy, Almond, Oat or Soy. Remember, different brands, types of milk, and milk alternatives will texture differently, so you may need to adjust your temperature and texture levels accordingly to find the perfect milk for you.

1. Before you begin texturing, it is best to purge the steam wand first by touching the ‘Milk’ icon. Touch it again to stop the steam purge.
2. Select your milk type from Dairy, Almond, Oat or Soy. Always begin with fresh, cold milk.
3. Fill the milk jug to just below the spout position, then lift the steam wand and insert it into the jug. Lower the steam wand, ensuring it is fully down.
4. The milk jug should rest on the milk temperature sensor on the drip tray. The Milk icon will indicate
whether you have placed the milk jug correctly.
5. To start texturing, touch the Milk icon. The screen will display the temperature of the milk as it
heats. Milk texturing will stop automatically when the selected temperature is reached.
6. Lift the steam wand to remove the milk jug. Make sure to wipe the wand and tip with a clean,
damp cloth after texturing and lower the steam wand downward to activate automatic purging.

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