Reddit data breach – should users be concerned? | Cybersecurity News

Published on 25 Feb 2023 / In Electronics & Communication TV Commercials

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This week, cyber news discusses a major Reddit hack. Reddit got breached on the fifth of February after a successful phishing attack. What exactly happened in the Reddit security breach? What consequences on users’ data will the cyberattack on Reddit have? Watch the video, and find out how Reddit got hacked.

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00:00 Intro
00:12 How Reddit was hacked
00:43 How Reddit responded to the hack
01:07 What safety precautions should you take?


Hackers successfully attacked Reddit. What exactly happened, and what actions should members take?

On February ninth, Reddit, the social news and discussion site, notified its users that the company’s systems were “hacked as a result of a sophisticated and highly-targeted phishing attack.” The threat actor had convinced an employee to click on a link in an email sent out as part of a spearphishing attack. It led to a website that cloned the behavior of Reddit’s gateway in an attempt to steal credentials and second-factor tokens.

Reddit states that there’s "no evidence to suggest that any users' non-public data has been accessed." What safety measures did the company take, and what was Reddit’s advice to its users? According to Reddit, “Soon after being phished, the affected employee self-reported, and the Security team responded quickly, removing the infiltrator’s access and commencing an internal investigation.” The company also recommended members set up Two-Factor authentication on their Reddit accounts. Also, consider using a password manager.

The increasing number of successful phishing attacks on big companies such as Reddit, Riot Games, and Rockstar Games shows that cybercriminals find new ways of manipulating employees. Therefore, strong cyber safety has become more important than ever.



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